December 15, 2017
IRS and State Department of Revenue Tax Defense

IRS and State Department of Revenue Tax Defense

Unlike other firms that have an alleged team of unnamed and unknown people to resolve your problems, we have skilled and experienced tax attorneys whose resumes you can review on our website.  We offer experienced and well trained professionals to analyze your issues and recommend realistic solutions to resolve your tax problems.

What types of tax defense issues do we handle?

Audit Defense

For all federal or state issues.  Payroll tax, income tax, sales tax, unemployment tax and numerous other specialty taxes such as message or tobacco, we have done it all.

Tax Appeals

If your audit is complete and you disagree with the results you normally have the ability to appeal the government’s decision.  Depending upon the type of tax and nature of the exam the appeal may be to a separate division of the government that handled the audit, the courts or to a review panel.  We have appealed tax cases not only to the IRS, State Boards of Appeal, Negotiated Federal District Court Settlements, Tax Court as well as Federal Appellate Courts!  We have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Tax Preparation

Do you have unfiled corporate, individual, sales, payroll or other tax returns?  LLC’s, Partnerships, S corporations, Trusts or Estates?  We have the expertise to prepare unfiled tax returns of all types and nature.

Tax Defense

If the government believes collection is not proceeding at a rapid enough pace or that you can pay more than you are voluntarily they may use differing collection tools to collect the tax owed.  These may consist of filing Tax Liens, issuing Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments.  These are all extreme consequences which may not only affect your current status but may harm your credit for up to 10 years or in certain cases longer!  Do not delay


Due to late payments, audit adjustments or non-payments have you incurred tax penalties?  Were you aware that most penalties can be abated for reasonable cause?  The issue is whether reasonable cause is present and can be demonstrated to the government to abate the penalties at issue.  We have not only successfully contested penalties of all types, amounts and degree, but we have also successfully appealed denial of penalty abatement when others have failed.  We have also appealed our own denials of penalty abatement and many times achieved success for our clients at a higher and more independent review level.  Depending upon the severity of the penalties at issue and the reason for the nonpayment, we can help!

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